NCAL Launches Surveys on Performance Measures and Vacancy, Retention & Turnover

For the third year the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) is launching two surveys under its Advocating Care Excellence program.  The 2012 NCAL Performance Measures Survey is available only to NCAL members while the 2011 Assisted Living Employee Vacancy, Retention and Turnover (VRT) Survey is open to assisted living providers nationwide.   NCAL has enlisted the support of three other assisted living provider associations, Leading Age, American Seniors Housing Association, and the Assisted Living Federation of America, for the VRT survey.  Both surveys are prominently featured on the homepage of NCAL’s website. The deadline for completion and submission of both surveys is May 4, 2012.

NCAL began its Performance Measurement initiative in 2010 with the development of Tier I measures--operational elements that contribute to the quality of life of residents in member assisted living communities.  New this year on the survey are nine questions related to workforce satisfaction and training. Please note that the Performance Measures Survey is only open to NCAL members. The NCAL Quality Committee will continue working this year on its Tier II performance measures that are areas critical to high levels of quality care.  The 2011 Assisted Living Staff Vacancy, Retention and Turnover Survey is open to assisted living providers nationwide.

In order to obtain meaningful results for benchmarking, it is imperative that NCAL has the highest response rate possible from each state. A goal of 900 responses for the 2012 Performance Measures Survey and 700 responses for the 2011 VRT Survey has been set for this year.  We are encouraging our assisted living members to take the time to complete these surveys which are on the NCAL website.