DMAS Announces 2011 Wage Survey

The Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) has posted a GoFileRoom request that nursing facilities provide wage data to support the development of inflation factors for the nursing home rate setting. Completion of the wage survey is mandatory for all non-hospital based nursing facilities participating in Virginia Medicaid.  The data is needed to support the development of rates and must be collected in a manner more timely than cost reports. Therefore, DMAS requires all non-hospital based facilities to complete this annual wage survey.

An Excel worksheet has been developed and is available as a tool that some facilities have found helpful to use prior to completing the online survey. Completion of this worksheet is not required and is for facility purposes only. The final page allows for the calculation of some of the results that will be used in the calculation of inflation factors. These values can serve as a helpful tool in verifying responses.

Facilities are required to complete and submit the survey via DMAS’ secure website. The survey link can be found in the What’s New section. The survey is not currently available but is expected to be posted by January 30th. The “Certification by Officer or Administrator of Provider” form has been integrated into the online survey and is no longer a separate document. At the end of the survey, users will be asked to re-enter their name and to check the certification box. Checking the box acts as an electronic signature stating that the survey respondent verifies the accuracy of their submission. Certifying results by checking the box is required.

The survey questions are the same as in previous years and data collected should be consistent with nursing staff costs and hours filed on the cost report. For nursing facilities with a 12/31 fiscal year end (FYE), total nursing staff costs on the wage survey should equal total nursing staff costs on Schedules A-4 and N of the PIRS 1090 cost reporting forms.  Those who do not have a 12/31 FYE, should use the same data sources as would be used for the cost report, but for the twelve-month period ending December 31, 2011.

For documentation purposes, please print and retain a copy of the completed survey prior to online submission. It is not necessary to upload a copy to GoFileRoom.  For facilities that are contacted in the event of a problem with the web survey submission, the printed copy will provide DMAS with a method to verify data responses. Facilities that are unable to provide DMAS with a copy will be asked to complete the online survey again.

The survey is due by March 1st.  Please direct any questions to Jodi Kuhn at DMAS 804.786.1009 or email