DMAS Announces Expansion of Auto-Enrollment under CCC; Includes Four Additional Localities in Northern Virginia

DMAS has announced that several localities where CCC-eligible beneficiaries are currently only allowed to opt-in to CCC are moving to passive, or automatic, enrollment status effective for coverage June 1, 2015.  You may recall that in order for an eligible beneficiary to be auto-enrolled in CCC, there must be more than one MMP with adequate network coverage in that beneficiary’s locality (based on the DSS that maintains the case file).   If an additional MMP achieves network adequacy in that locality, the eligible beneficiary now has choice of MMP, and the locality switches to automatic enrollment status under CCC.  It remains the case that a beneficiary is allowed to opt-out of the program at any time.

The following localities are moving from opt-in only to auto-enrollment status June 1:    

Northern VA   Western/Charlottesville  
Alexandria          Staunton          Wythe Co.
Arlington Co.    
Falls Church    
Loudoun Co.    

Eligible dual beneficiaries in the localities will be receiving their 60-day automatic assignment letters by April 1.  They should receive additional correspondence 30 days prior to coverage (around May 1), which will be effective under CCC by June 1st, unless the beneficiary proactively decides to opt-out of CCC.