Anthem Reports Data Breach

Published in February 5, 2015 Issue

Anthem Inc. has reported that hackers broke into a database containing names, social security numbers, addresses and other personal information for about 80 million customers and employees.  According to information from their website, Anthem will individually notify current and former members whose information has been accessed. Anthem is offering to provide credit monitoring and identity protection services free of charge to those who have been affected.  It is not yet clear whether Commonwealth Coordinated Care members are included in the breach.

Updated LEIE Database

Published in November 13, 2012 Issue

The "Updated LEIE" database file reflects all OIG (Office of Inspector General) exclusion and reinstatement actions up to, and including, those taken in September 2012.  This new, "Updated LEIE" (List of Excluded Individuals and Entities) is a complete database file containing all exclusions currently in effect. Individuals and entities that have been reinstated to the federal health care programs are not included in this file. The new file is meant to replace the "Updated LEIE" file made available for download last month. The new file is complete and need NOT be used in conjunction with the monthly exclusion and reinstatement supplements.

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Workers Compensation Alert

Published in March 30, 2012 Issue

There is an important change taking place with how workers compensation experience mod (E-Mod) factor will be calculated in the future.  The E-Mod factor is based on losses have over a three-year period (the last three years, not including the most recent policy year) as compared to what “expected losses” would be for this same period. A credit mod, less than 1.00, means that employer’s losses are better than average; a debit mod, over 1.00, indicates that losses are worse than expected.