“Bring on the Fiesta!” for National Nursing Home Week 2015

Think of all the fun your community can have with this year’s National Nursing Home Week (NNHW) theme of “Bring on the Fiesta!” scheduled for May 10 - 16, 2015.  Make it a week of entertainment and education for all to experience the week’s focus on “Familia, Vida and Amor” (family, life, love).  Look for the Planning Guide and Product brochure in mid-February and check out the NNHW website here.

Show how your care center, as part of culture change, brings these three attributes to the forefront, irrespective of anyone’s age or physical and intellectual ability.

Try to weave into your Fiesta! a celebration of cultures, and how people of various backgrounds have a Fiesta. Seize the opportunity to attract new guests, infrequent visitors and local VIPs to your care center to be part of the Fiesta and share in the comradery of familia, vida and amor.

So, “BRING ON THE FIESTA!” for all to enjoy. Tell everyone to step out of their personal fast lane and have some old fashioned FUN with the folks.