Commonwealth Coordinated Care (CCC) Update

VHCA was asked to present a status update on the CCC program from the nursing facility perspective to the Health and Human Resources Subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee this past Tuesday (January 27th).  Other perspectives were provided at that meeting as well, including DMAS, the Association of Health Plans, each of the three MMPs, the Hospital Association, and Home Care and Hospice Association.  The materials from the meeting (VHCA’s and the others) can be accessed here (scroll to the January 26th meeting - the meeting was on the 27th, but the heading mistakenly says January 26th).

VHCA is also soliciting from the membership any quantifiable administrative costs, above and beyond the norm, attributable to the CCC program implementation.  We know this can be difficult to estimate.  Obviously, if you have hired staff (or consultants, etc.) specifically to deal with CCC administration, there is an associated cost; if you have an estimate of the administrative time impact on existing staff, that cost could be calculated; system changes/clearing houses, etc. could be quantified.   Basically, we are looking for any information you might have that would allow us to calculate an estimate.  Ideally, if you can say CCC has added X% to your indirect care costs, we could simply average that response and apply it to the total indirect costs based on the most recent cost report data, for example.  If you have any thoughts or information specific to this request, please e-mail Steve Ford, at