Survey Trends with Focus on Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Treatment Education Program Scheduled January 14 in Richmond

Successful surveys and resident outcomes are dependent on a strong foundation of integrated systems that take into account changes in regulations, delivery of current standards of care and survey compliance to avoid deficient practices.  Addressing these components will promote a dynamic quality improvement philosophy that keeps the organization ahead of survey risks and puts sustainable systems in place to achieve positive resident outcomes, satisfaction and survey compliance.
Start 2015 off right!  ARE YOU IN THE TOP TEN? 2014 Survey Trends with Focus on Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Treatment has been scheduled for January 14, 2015 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Richmond – Midlothian.  Presenters will analyze trends and patterns of the 2014 survey findings for self-assessment of organizational policies, protocols and practices.  Both nursing home and assisted living administrators will explore current standards and practices related to pressure ulcer prevention and treatment and use of available resources and tools for quality improvement.  
In the afternoon, participants will be provided with an overview of current staging definitions, strategies for differentiation of pressure ulcers with moisture associated skin damage, lower extremity ulcers, and other chronic wounds.  In addition, discussion will include the terms and implications of Kennedy Terminal Ulcer and Skin Failure at Life’s End.  Presenters will demonstrate selected Section M itemsets of the Minimum Data Set (MDS) 3.0 that are often miscoded and how accuracy of Section M plays a vital role in the organization’s quality measure towards its 5-Star Rating.  Also, participants will explore methodologies, resources and tools related to pressure ulcer prevention and treatment that will enhance the organization’s efforts for quality improvement

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