Patient Origin Data Survey Has Commenced

This week the Department of Health’s Division of Certificate of Public Need (DCOPN) began emailing each nursing facility (NF) in Virginia the forms NFs must fill out and return to DCOPN reporting five items of patient origin data.  

The form requires simply basic information about residents (date of birth, gender, date of admission, source of admission, and zip code of prior residence).  DCOPN will gather this patient origin information to assess the need for nursing facility beds in each of Virginia's planning districts.  DCOPN will ask providers to report these data items for each resident in the facility on one specific date within a date range on an Excel spreadsheet.

DCOPN will send out the survey in batches spread over a few weeks in order to assist its staff in managing questions, identifying incorrect email addresses and calculating the incoming reports.  Because of this batching method, other nursing homes in your area or in your company may not receive the survey at the same time you receive it.  Each batch will have a slightly different window of time for recording their data and sending it back to DCOPN.

VHCA members and staff worked with DCOPN to develop the questions for the patient origin data request.  Our goal was to request data that was easy to collect to avoid undue research for facility staff. DCOPN intends to request patient origin data each year so that data is updated annually.  

You will receive by email an explanatory letter, instructions, and an Excel spreadsheet from DCOPN.  VHCA requests that you follow the instructions closely and return the patient origin data by email to DCOPN in a timely manner.  This data is very important to enable DCOPN to develop accurate projections of NF bed need for future years.

We thank you for your full cooperation in reporting the requested patient origin data to DCOPN.