Consider Sharing Provider Lists with Medicare/Medicaid Plans (MMPs) for CCC Participants in Your Facilities

As previously communicated, Virginia Health Care Association continues to encourage members to provide physician and other ancillary provider lists to any MMPs with Commonwealth Coordinated Care (CCC) participants in your facilities if you have not already done so.  The MMPs have reiterated their willingness to pursue such providers for inclusion in their provider networks, or to at least consider temporary arrangements to achieve continuity of care until the CCC participants can be appropriately transitioned to MMP-networked ancillary providers.  While the type of provider may impact network inclusion (for example, a MMP may have an exclusive lab provider, so network inclusion for others may not occur), it is still in your interest to have the ancillary providers currently utilized by residents in your facility known to the MMP so that temporary payment arrangements can be made to minimize any potential for a break in services.  Contact lists with the MMPs provider relations/network leads can be found on our website here.