Get Ready For the New LTC Trend Tracker

Skilled nursing care centers have a lot to keep track of: Five-Star ratings, quality measures, staffing, cost reports, resident characteristics… the list goes on. It’s challenging enough to keep a center going, nonetheless keep track of all these various aspects. However, properly keeping track of this information could set your center apart from those that just stay afloat, to those that thrive.

That’s why the American Health Care Association (AHCA) created LTC Trend Tracker, a web-based tool that enables long term and post-acute care providers to find all this information in one central place. This free AHCA member service gives members access to government data collected by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on skilled nursing centers. LTC Trend Tracker also includes exclusive reports on hospital readmissions and discharge to community rates you can’t find anywhere else. All this data is at your fingertips, and with it, you can build and save custom reports to understand your performance and help your center succeed.

This sort of information couldn’t be more important as our profession continues on our quality journey. AHCA’s Quality Initiative and the forthcoming Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) requirements make examining key aspects of quality care a necessity. LTC Trend Tracker allows you to monitor your progress on quality measures, Five-Star, Quality Initiative goals, and more. Use LTC Trend Tracker to identify areas your organization should address and set your own quality goals. If you’re doing well, LTC Trend Tracker can help you demonstrate your success to your consumers and partnering providers with verifiable results.

However, monitoring only your own performance isn’t enough to stay relevant in today’s long term and post-acute care market. LTC Trend Tracker provides information on your fellow providers from a local, regional and national perspective, so you can see how you measure up (an individual organization’s information stays private; LTC Trend Tracker only reports in the aggregate). Benchmark yourself to those of your peers and keep your organization ahead of the curve.

What’s more, AHCA has revamped LTC Trend Tracker to make this web tool cleaner, faster and easier to use. With a more modern look and feel, LTC Trend Tracker is now more intuitive, so you can navigate through and find information custom to your needs. The new LTC Trend Tracker also has a sleeker, yet more comprehensive dashboard. So right when you login, you can see how you’re trending on key metrics. Additionally, you can now create and save your favorite reports, to quickly jump to the data trends that matter most to you. And you can instantly email those reports to share with staff or collaborate with area providers.

LTC Trend Tracker is AHCA members’ one-stop-shop to gain timely information and valuable insight about their own performance as well as the entire profession’s.  More than 6,000 skilled nursing centers have signed up to use this tool – at no cost to their organization. If you haven’t signed up yet, what are you waiting for? Visit today!