Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS)

David H. Trump, MD, MPH, MPA, Chief Deputy Commissioner for Public Health & Preparedness recently announced that a new module has been added for the electronic filing of death records to the Virginia Vital Events and Screening Tracking System. The module will go live November 1, 2014.

The Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS) facilitates the workflow between the individual who certifies the death certificate and the funeral home facility.

  • EDRS is a secure system based on the Code and Regulations governing vital records and on the business requirements for certification of death, which were gathered through stakeholder meetings with physicians, funeral directors, deputy registrars, decedent affairs, and others.
  • EDRS begins with creation of a death record that can be initiated either by a physician’s office, hospital or funeral home facility.
  • Through built-in workflow, the record is transmitted for action and electronic signature allowing for a more timely completion of the death certificate.
  • Training and registration for the new system began Tuesday, September 30th.  For information on the web-based training classes and the registration process, please CLICK HERE.
  • For practice settings with more than five (5) EDRS users, we ask that you appoint a Facility User Administrator who will have privileges to set up accounts and manage passwords.

Use of EDRS is voluntary and the traditional method of certifying a death remains an option, but providers are encouraged to review the EDRS information on Virginia Department of Health’s Division of Vital Records (DVR) website and sign up to use this new system. The EDRS should be convenient to use and will provide more efficient and timely death certification services to the citizens of the Virginia.