REPRINT: Please Consider Sending Your Provider Lists to the MMPs

One significant issue that has emerged as Tidewater went live under passive enrollment in the Commonwealth Coordinated Care (CCC) program is the issue of ancillary providers that come into the nursing facilities to provide care.  These providers range from the physician group providing routine services to your residents, to the pharmacy that fills prescriptions, to the lab techs who draw samples for various tests.  It is in your interest to encourage these ancillary providers, with whom you already contract and credential, to consider becoming part of the network for the MMPs serving your residents.  While it does not guarantee that your residents will continue to use these providers under CCC, those providers being in network provides the best chance for such an outcome.  It is important to understand that MMPs will attempt to utilize networked providers first.  While the CCC program contains a continuity of care protection for current nursing facility residents (residents who are already in the facility when they enroll in CCC), this is only temporary (180 days for physician coverage, for example) and does not apply to new admits who are already enrolled in CCC.  To restate, it is in your interest for the providers with whom you already have relationships to participate with the MMPs covering your residents (current and future).  By providing these lists to the MMPs, the MMPs can reach out in their network development efforts and facilitate the network participation discussion.