DSS Updates Technical Assistance for ALF Standards

On July 25th providers of assisted living facilities received notice from the Virginia Department of Social Services that the Technical Assistance for Standards for Licensed Assisted Living Facilities has been updated as of 07/2014.  The document is available on the Virginia Department of Social Services website.  If you would like to order a hard copy, please see the Publication Order Form on the public website.  Following are changes in the technical assistance (TA) document:

  •  22 VAC 40-72-290 C 8 – relates to references.
  •  22 VAC 40-72-340 A and G 9 – relates to colostomy care.
  •  22 VAC 40-72-390 C – change in resident agreement regarding smoking.
  •  22 VAC 40-72-550 C and Code of Virginia, § 63.2-1808 A 8 – pharmacies and medication systems.
  •  22 VAC 40-72-610 A – meals.
  •  22 VAC 40-72-640 B and D – oral orders.
  •  22 VAC 40-72-650 B – medication in secure place.
  •  22 VAC 40-72-700 A – Geri chairs.
  •  22 VAC 40-72-840 I – revised TA that clarifies information on personal care products.
  •  22 VAC 40-72-980, 990, 1060 and 1070 – Four new TAs that relate to (i) assessment of serious cognitive impairment, (ii )ambulatory/non-ambulatory status, (iii) safe, secure environment, and (iv)mixed population.

DSS recommends that providers review the new/revised material carefully with attention to navigation notes before the “Table of Contents” that may be found useful.   Licensees with questions are encouraged to contact their licensing inspector.