Commonwealth Coordinated Care Update

The Commonwealth Coordinated Care (CCC) program continues full speed ahead across the five demonstration regions. Currently, all five regions are active for voluntary or “opt-in” enrollment (within those regions, some localities may still be excluded due to network adequacy issues).  Tidewater was live for automatic, termed “passive”, enrollment for most eligible duals on July 1, with the remaining eligible Tidewater duals set for August (delayed from July due to a system issue at DMAS).  Central Virginia duals are scheduled for passive enrollment for coverage effective beginning September 1 and those folks should have received their letters with preliminary assignment to the Medicare/Medicaid Plans (MMPs).  That leaves the Roanoke region and the Charlottesville/Western region for passive enrollment coverage effective October 1 (letters should be going to recipients in August); and, the Northern Virginia region for passive enrollment coverage effective November 1 (letters to recipients should go out in September).  

VHCA has developed a CCC locality participation status report in response to continuing questions regarding which localities are in the demonstration, and at what point in time for passive enrollment.  We believe this format is more user-friendly than the MMP comparison charts have been for this purpose.  DMAS has agreed to maintain the report (update it as status changes) and post it on the web for public consumption.  We will follow-up with information on where to access the report once DMAS provides that information to VHCA.  In the meantime, the status as of 7/29/14 can be found here.

Please keep in mind that this is a fluid document; it will be updated as the MMPs develop their networks.  Localities that are not yet scheduled to begin passive enrollment on the report one day, may be eligible a day later due to network adequacy being achieved by the MMP – you will need to check the report periodically once DMAS begins posting it on-line.   Again, we will provide information regarding on-going access to the report once DMAS is ready.

We continue to monitor the CCC Issue Log for information from the field on issues emerging as you gain experience under the CCC program.  That log is accessible on the VHCA home page under “News & Events” or can be accessed directly here.   As patterns to the reported issues emerge, VHCA will compile the information into a Frequently Asked Questions format so the information can be shared broadly with VHCA members.  This process only works if VHCA staff is made aware of the issues you are facing with CCC; the CCC Issue Log is the easiest and most efficient way for that to happen.