Give Seniors a Smile Project Big Success

On Friday, June 20th, the Virginia Dental Association (VDA) organized a Give Seniors a Smile project held within Envoy of Westover Hills, a Richmond skilled nursing facility.  Twenty volunteers, including seven dentists, performed 47 exams and related follow-up services including cleanings, extractions and denture realignments.

This is just a start.  There were six residents that were flagged for immediate need for future treatment and an additional 16 patients were flagged for moderate restorative needs to be addressed within 30-60 days.  

We want to recognize the efforts of all involved including the facility’s Executive Director, Shannon Roberson, for their cooperation and assistance in this event.  Thank you to project coordinators Drs. Frank Iuorno, Cassidy Turner and Gloria Ward and, of course, to all of the volunteers who made this day possible!  Also, thanks to the VDA Foundation for providing planning expertise, equipment and food to fuel all of the volunteers.  

Project volunteer Trish Bonwell, Dental Clinic Coordinator at Lucy Corr Village, commented “keep up the great work and collaboration and who knows what changes the future may hold that will benefit not just oral health, but overall health and quality of life for members of the geriatric population”.