ISP Training Available for ALF Staff

The Department of Social Services (DSS) recently distributed a training announcement for the June 2014 offering of the ISP (Individual Service Plan) training offered by DSS and the Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Gerontology. This training is only being offered in two locations in June.  According to the announcement, the program is for professional caregivers working in Assisted Living and Adult Day Care settings and is designed for individuals who are new to the facility or newly responsible for creating ISPs. The course is not designed to be a refresher course. Registration and payment for the class are required 10 business days before the training date and may be paid with a credit card.  If payment is not received 10 business days before the class, the registration will be canceled.  Additionally, if an adequate number of class registrations are not received DSS reserves the right to cancel the class. Registration should be made early since space is limited.