ALF Training Regulations Chart Updated

Judith McGreal, Program Development Consultant at the Virginia Department of Social Services Division of Licensing Programs has notified providers that the ALF Training Regulations Chart on the Virginia Department of Social Services’ (DSS) public website has been updated with a version that provides links between the DSS Standard references in the chart and the actual Standards.   The purpose of the links is to allow easy access to the actual standard for any of the references in the chart.  There are no changes other than the provision of links.  

To refer to the actual Standard or a part of it, click the link on the chart and it will take you to the Standard or part of the Standard.  To get back to where you were on the chart, click the “back to chart” link, which is found at the end of the Standard.  When there is more than one reference to a particular Standard or part of it in the chart and the references are on different pages of the chart, the appropriate page numbers have been added directly after the “back to chart” link.  Click on the page number to which you wish to return.

The ALF Training Regulations Chart is available in the ALF section of the VDSS website, under “Current ALF Providers, Guidance and Procedures”, or by clicking here.