OIG LEIE Database Updated

With the July 2013 List of Excluded Individuals and Entities (LEIE) update, Office of Inspector General (OIG) continues the transition of files to the upgraded Online Exclusions Database and the LEIE Downloadable Databases.  In June 2013, OIG added new fields to the LEIE including the National Provider Identifier (NPI), a waiver and waiver state.  OIG also redesigned the online search of the LEIE.  Through August 2013, OIG will post both files with and without the new fields. This will allow users time to work with the new fields while still having access to the files in which they are accustomed.  In September 2013, only the file with the new fields will be available.  Click here to obtain the LEIE instructions. Click here to obtain more information about the LEIE files.