MANDATORY TRAINING NOW NEEDED for Residents’ Voting Registration

Long term care facilities which assist residents in registering to vote must assign staff to take election training offered by the State Board of Elections (SBE).  The SBE began offering the training on July 1st when the law went into effect.   Both local voter registration offices, and the SBE office in Richmond offer this training, and the training will be online beginning later this month.  Please call your local Registrar’s Office for details about this mandatory training in your area.

Senate Bill 1008, introduced by Senator Bill Stanley and passed by the 2013 General Assembly, requires mandatory training on Virginia voter registration laws and regulations for  individuals or groups assisting 25 or more individuals to apply to register to vote.  Individuals and groups conducting voter activities, when obtaining 25 or more voter registration applications from the State Board of Elections or local offices must:  

  1. Register with the State Board or local offices,
  2. Provide information as required by the State Board,
  3. Receive training, and
  4. Execute a sworn affidavit that they will abide by all Virginia voter registration laws and rules.

The bill also prohibits pre-populating registration applications with information unless directed by the applicant to do so. The bill also reduces the time limit for mailing or delivering completed voter registration applications from 15 to 10 days.

Call your local Registrar’s Office to learn how to meet the new requirements before you offer your residents in applying to become a registered voter and to learn when and how the training classes will be available in your area.