Changes to the Nursing Home Compare Website Data Effective July 2013

In a June 28, 2013 Memorandum to State Survey Agency Directors,  the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced that starting in July 2013, CMS will direct users of the Nursing Home Compare website to the website to download or view nursing home data.  This is the main website for regulators, researchers, quality improvement leads, and other individuals who have a need to download nursing home data.  According to the Memo (S&C  13-43-NH), the re-directed website should provide better access and navigation for users as well as improve transparency and provide more information to the public about nursing homes.

Currently the website contains only the same data that is displayed on the consumer oriented “Nursing Home Compare” website, but the memo notes that CMS will be making changes in July 2013 to the data on the redirected website to include information presently not available on the “Nursing Home Compare website”.

Examples of additional items that CMS will begin posting in July include the following:

  • Expected and adjusted nursing home staffing data based on the MDS derived nursing home case mix,
  • More detailed health inspection data, such as the number of revisits required to determine compliance, counts of substandard quality of care deficiencies, and health inspection points calculated by the Five -Star Quality Rating System,
  • Quality measure values for the past three quarters and the three quarter average that is used for the quality measure star rating and
  • A table listing national and state averages for some variables, such as the number of health deficiencies, number and amount of civil money penalties, and quality measures.