Rehospitalization Manual Available

As a follow-up to VHCA’S November education program, Avoiding Rehospitalizations:   Operational and Clinical Considerations presented by Pathway Health Services, we have made arrangements with Pathways to offer our members a 30% discount on their “Rehospitalization Reduction Toolkit.”  The discount for the Rehospitalization Manual will expire February 1st.  This toolkit was referenced during the training and provides policies, resources, education and tools to assist in reducing and preventing hospital readmissions.  To order the toolkit, please logon here for a description. Be sure to use code “VHCAMEMBER” when you checkout.  

The “Rehospitalization Reduction Toolkit” is a comprehensive resource that provides practical, step-by-step guidance for organizations as they implement a solid rehospitalization plan.  From policies to resources to education, the Toolkit is an essential piece of equipment for post-acute care leaders.  It provides facility leaders and clinicians with the tools they need to keep on the right path.

The Toolkit also includes:

  • Pathways’ proprietary PATH system for front line nursing staff and the interdisciplinary team. PATH focuses on how to responsibly Pass it on, Act on it, Talk about it and Handle it. Their systems work compatibly with the INTERACT II system and reinforce the importance of every member of the team.
  • Tracking and trending tools.
  • Tips to extend length of stay and reduce unnecessary hospitalizations.
  • Change in Condition resources.
  • Communication, documentation and reporting tools.
  • Educational pathways, and more.

If you have any questions regarding the toolkit or additional resources from Pathway Health you can contact them at