The Long Term Care Survey is Back

The newly updated Long Term Care Survey manual is ready for distribution. This November 2012 edition contains all the most recent changes and additions from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) since October 2010.

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Softbound Edition


$59.95 member/$69.95 non-member

Binder/Notebook Edition


$79.95 member/$89.95 non-member

The 2012 Survey Includes All CMS Updates:

  • Revisions to Appendix P of the SOM: use of new QM report
  • Changes to Appendix PP:
-F-tag 309 (Quality of Care at or near End of Life)
-F-tag 322 (Feeding Tube)
-F-tag 155 (Residents Rights to Establish Directives and Accept or Decline Treatments)
  • Revisions to Chapter 9 of the SOM: changes and deletions to Exhibits

All updates go into effect by December 1st.