VHQC Offers Free Learning Network Supports For Improvements in Resident Care

For many long term care providers the day-to-day challenges of resident care leave little time to address ambitious quality improvement goals.  VHQC understands the world of long term care. The organization has helped nearly a quarter of all Virginia nursing homes prevent pressure ulcers, and now they are expanding their focus. VHQC is in it for the long term for Virginia’s long term care community – nursing homes, staff, residents, and families.

VHQC is inviting nursing homes across Virginia to join the Virginia Nursing Home Quality Care Learning Network. The learning network offers access to free resources, a faculty of long term care experts, peer-to-peer interaction and evidence-based best practices.  Participating nursing homes will learn new strategies to improve nursing home care by:

  • Reducing rates of Clostridium difficile (C. diff)

  • Preventing and treating pressure ulcers

  • Understanding the basics of quality improvement

  • Improving staff stability

  • Preventing inappropriate use of antipsychotic medication in residents with dementia

  • Avoiding hospital readmissions and unplanned discharges.

As the Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) for Virginia, VHQC convenes providers, practitioners and patients to spread best practices and achieve rapid, wide-scale improvements in patient care. For nearly 30 years, they have supported Virginia’s nursing homes as they reduce pressure ulcers, prevent infection and solve a wide range of improvement challenges.

Make a long term commitment today!  The learning network is flexible so nursing homes can actively participate while caring for their residents. Sign up today and take the first step toward improving care for the long term.  Visit http://bit.ly/WqzQ9E to sign up. To learn more about the learning network or to register, contact Sheila McLean, smclean@vaqio.sdps.org or 804.289.5320, or Amy Lenz, alenz@vaqio.sdps.org or 804.287.0286.