Virginia Tech Older Adult Research (OAR) Registry

The Center for Gerontology at Virginia Tech invites adults age 50+ to join its newly established Older Adult Research (OAR) Registry.  The purpose of the OAR is to identify older adults interested in being part of studies conducted by the Center or one of its 60 faculty affiliates. The OAR registry is designed to provide older adults an opportunity to help the Virginia Tech faculty learn more about the aging process and the issues and challenges facing individuals and families in later years.  By joining the OAR registry, participants will be contributing to a generation of new knowledge that will inform scientists about important aspects of growing older.  

When an individual enrolls in the OAR registry, he or she will be asked to provide minimal background information (e.g., age, residence, health concerns) and possible ways in which  they would be willing to participate (i.e., telephone interviews, self-report questionnaires, campus visits).  When opportunities become available that match the information provided at registration, a researcher affiliated with the project will contact the persons selected and invite them to participate, answer questions about the study, and allow them to decide to participate or not.

The requirements for each study will differ.  Participation may require a telephone survey or face-to-face interview, internet survey, home visit, or a visit to a research lab on the Virginia Tech campus.  OAR members do not need to be living near Virginia Tech to participate – depending on the nature of the study, members can participate from anywhere in the United States or abroad.  Some studies offer small gifts for participating; others do not. No matter what approach is used, participants will always make the decision as to whether or not to participate in a study.

Most recently, OAR registry members participated in studies on health care in rural areas, coping strategies for caring for a relative with mild cognitive impairment, understanding the relationship between gait and body weight, and changes in brain activity while working on the computer.  

If you or someone you know would like to be included in the OAR registry or would like more information, visit the Center for Gerontology secure website or contact the Center at 540.231.7657 or by email