OIG Releases 2013 Work Plan

The Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS), Office of Inspector General (OIG) has released its annual Work Plan for 2013.  The Work Plan focuses on seven different areas including:  Medicare Part A and Part B; Medicare Part C and Part D; Medicaid Reviews; Legal and Investigative Activities Related to Medicare and Medicaid; Public Health Review; Human Services Reviews; and Other HHS-related reviews.  In each area, the Work Plan identifies compliance risk areas that subject Medicare and Medicaid providers to audit and enforcement initiatives.  Under Medicare Part A and Part B, SNFs are specifically targeted and OIG plans follow-up reports in the following areas:  Adverse Events in Post-Acute Care; Quality of Care Requirements; State Agency Verification of Corrections; Oversight of Poorly Performing Facilities; Use of Antipsychotic Drugs; Questionable Billing Patterns for Part B Services; and Oversight of the Minimum Data Set.  Overall, OIG will continue its trend to focus its efforts on reviewing potential areas to discover fraud, quality issues and costs.  To obtain a copy of the complete OIG Work Plan for 2013, click here.  OIG also has just released a video on its Work Plan for 2013.