Behavioral Issues Survey Distributed

Last Thursday, October 18th, all VHCA nursing facility administrators received an email invitation to complete a critically important survey addressing behavioral issues in Virginia’s nursing facilities.    This survey is intended to gather information about the prevalence of behavior and mental health issues in Virginia's nursing facility resident populations along with the treatments and services provided by facilities and other professionals.  Although we asked facility Administrators to take overall responsibility for completion of the survey, we suggested that responses be completed in collaboration with the interdisciplinary team. 
Once survey results have been tabulated, a report will be developed to quantify and identify services and resources available as well as those needed to effectively meet the needs of residents with behaviors that may impact the quality of their life and the quality of life for other residents and nursing facility staff.  Please note that all survey information will be kept confidential and that no identifiable individual facility survey data will be disclosed.  The report will be shared with all survey participants.

As an incentive to complete the survey, VHCA will award a no-cost registration to the 2013 Legislative Conference to be held in February to three facilities who complete and submit the survey.   The three winners will be selected at random from a pool of all submitted survey responses.  The winners are responsible for their own travel and lodging expenses in connection with attending the Legislative Conference.

We strongly encourage every facility to make an investment in the completion of this important survey.  Based upon facility testing of the survey prior to finalization, we anticipate that two to three hours of staff time will be needed to complete the survey.  We recommend that members download a copy of the survey as a PDF so that staff can review the questions before attempting to respond.  Once you are ready to begin taking the survey, please click here.  We ask that you complete and submit the online survey no later than Thursday, November 1st.