Coming to Richmond and Roanoke: Avoiding Re-hospitalizations Program

VHCA’s in-depth program on key clinical and operational strategies to prepare your facility for its role in the Hospital Readmission Reduction Program will be held in Roanoke on November 14th and in Richmond on November 15th.   Attendees will leave with information on critical steps for developing a plan to change the interdisciplinary team’s focus to prevent unnecessary hospital readmissions.   Reducing hospital readmissions has become the goal for Medicare, hospitals and post-acute providers across the country.   As Medicare begins to recover payments from hospitals for unnecessary readmissions within 30 days of discharge, the focus will be on providers that can demonstrate programs and systems to effectively manage Pneumonia, Myocardial Infarction and Congestive Heart Failure.  Most importantly, long term care providers will be more accountable for the care they provide.

  • Hospitals are actively seeking post-acute providers that can manage patients effectively and cut down on readmission rates. Are you on the radar screen as a facility that is at high risk for readmissions?
  • How do you compare to other long term care facilities in your market?  
  • What is your current rate of readmission?  What has your past performance been?  Are you ready to compete?  

For more information and online registration click here.  Special thanks to our program partner Gulf South Medical Supply for its support.