SMART Reminder

VHCA’s Survey Management and Analysis Resource Tool (SMART) remains a vital resource to members for reviewing trends and patterns specific to surveys conducted in Virginia.  Through expansion of the SMART program, we now have an increased ability to identify specific reasons for deficiency citations of specific F tags.  In order to maintain a viable database it is important for members to submit their deficiency reports (2567s) to be included in SMART.  Since creation in 2005, VHCA has entered more than 1700 surveys in the database which currently includes 100 surveys conducted in 2012.  

Help us keep members updated with timely information on survey outcomes, customized reports of survey trends across the state and VHCA districts, and benchmarking opportunities within your organization for quality enhancement.  If you have not yet sent your survey reports to Mary Chiles, please email them to her or send copies to her at Chiles Healthcare Consulting, 1908 Maple Shade Lane, Richmond, Virginia 23227.