Resident Rights Posters

We have received requests from several facilities seeking clarification related to the regulatory requirement (12 VAC 5-371-150-C) which asks for posting of the name and telephone number of the complaint coordinator of the OLC.  After contacting OLC to seek guidance on the requirement to list the complaint coordinator, we were reminded that when the “universal poster” was developed jointly with the Ombudsman, OLC, Nursing Facility Advisory Committee (NFAC), etc. it was suggested that OLC use their toll free number rather than having a specific person’s name on the notice since the person is not always available to receive a complaint.  This is in accord with having the toll free number of others to whom facilities must report, including APS and Ombudsman, as stated in the nursing home regulation.  

With the next revision of the Nursing Home regulations this requirement will be changed to include an update to 12 VAC 5-371-150 to indicate that OLC’s toll free complaint number will be satisfactory.    In the meantime, OLC has reiterated a previously stated position:  OLC has always supported the “universal” poster and as long as the facility utilizes that poster, they meet the intent of the regulation.  

However, if for some unknown reason, the facility chooses to craft its own poster and not use the universal poster, then it would have to comply with the specific language of the regulation.   We believe it’s important that the poster be consistent across the spectrum of facilities, so our policy has been to favor that universal poster.

The “universal poster” has recently been updated with agency addresses/phone numbers, etc. VHCA has provided copies to the State Ombudsmen who are in the process of distributing them through local Ombudsmen.  If you have not yet received a cop,y contact your local Ombudsman or Kathy Robertson in the VHCA office.