Responding to the Critical Need for Dental Care in Long Term Care Facilities

The Virginia Health Care Association (VHCA) has been working with the Virginia Dental Association (VDA) to identify ways our organizations can work together and address the critical need for dental care for individuals residing in nursing and assisted living facilities. As you're well aware, the great majority of our residents lack dental insurance, creating a serious access issue which results in poor oral health and affects these patients' overall health.

Recently, VHCA has established a small informal workgroup to explore options for addressing the oral health and dental services access issues we face. We are pleased to share news about working with the VDA to encourage dentists to work with long term care facilities. We ask you to read the VHCA/VDA letter linked below and discuss it with your staff. We want all VHCA member facilities to benefit to every extent possible from this outreach effort by working to make sure that facility staff respond positively should they be contacted by local dentists offering their assistance. Additionally, the joint communication might serve as an effective letter of introduction for use by you and your staff as you reach out to your local dental community to secure dental services for your residents.

Please CLICK HERE to read a letter from VDA President Dr. Roger Wood and VHCA President Steve Morrisette. In addition, the linked letter contains an article that appeared in a recent issue of the Virginia Dental Journal describing an innovative dental program for seniors living at Lucy Corr Village in Chesterfield County.

Please contact us at 804.353.9101 if you need assistance or have questions.