Behavior Management Survey Being Developed

Over the past year the Virginia Health Care Association (VHCA) has seen an increase in survey deficiencies related to resident behaviors, including abuse and safety. Addressing the difficulties associated with resident behavior is a daily part of the staff’s work with many team members describing that dealing with the problem behaviors of residents as the most difficult part of their jobs. While these challenging behaviors are sometimes aimed at other residents, they are also aimed regularly at staff.  Additionally, there has been an increase in concerns about the limited availability of mental health services available to residents with behaviors and the costs associated with providing care to respond to the behaviors.  In response, a Behavior Management Workgroup comprised of members of the Regulatory and Quality of Care Committees was created to address ongoing challenges in managing behaviors of both psychiatric and dementia related conditions and a facility’s ability to manage resident care and minimize survey risks.

Following the Workgroup’s recommendation, VHCA has developed a survey intended to gather information about the prevalence of behavior and mental health issues in Virginia's nursing facility resident populations along with the treatments and services provided by facilities and other professionals.  The Survey is now being tested among several Workgroup members and once finalized will be distributed to the VHCA membership for completion for purposes of quantifying and identifying services and resources that are available as well as those that are needed to meet the needs of residents whose behaviors may impact the quality of their life and the quality of life for other residents and nursing facility staff.  All survey information collected will be kept confidential.  Individual facility survey data will not be disclosed.