Web Resources at AHCA: The Business Case for the Quality Initiative

As part of the American Health Care Association’s (AHCA) Quality Initiative, AHCA has set specific goals and targets to work towards, the first one being to safely reduce hospital readmissions within 30 days of an SNF stay by 15%, by March 2015.  Currently, one in four persons admitted to a skilled nursing care center from a hospital is readmitted to the hospital within 30 days.  This not only has negative physical, emotional and psychological impacts on these individuals, but also has serious financial consequences for organizations and government programs.  In AHCA’s online business case for this first goal, the main benefits for an organization that would result from reaching the goal of safely reducing hospital readmissions: quality outcomes, financial stability, staff stability, regulatory compliance, business opportunities, and customer satisfaction are outlined.  

Looking for tools to help you meet the four core goals of the AHCA Quality Initiative? You can find them on AHCA’s website.