Technical Assistance Document Updated for ALF Regulations

The Department of Social Services (DSS) notified assisted living facility providers this week that the Technical Assistance (TA) for Standards for Licensed Assisted Living Facilities has been updated as of July 2012.  The document is now available on the DSS public website.

Following are the specific changes in the Technical Assistance (TA) document:

  • 22 VAC 40-72-170, 180, and 290 – The TA 0637-7/12 and 0638-7/12 replace 0260-12/07.  The TA relates to private duty persons.
  • 22 VAC 40-72-201 B – The TA 0615-7/12 is a revision of 0615 dated 3/09. The change relates to qualified acting administrators.
  • 22 VAC 40-72-201 B Exception – The TA 0629-7/12 is a revision of 0629 from 3/10.  This amendment relates to the national examination for administrators.
  • 22 VAC 40-72-660 and 670 and 22 VAC 40-72-670 – The TA 0635-7/12 and 0636-7/12 replace 0622-06/09.  The TA relates to medication administration by family members, friends or privately hired caregivers.
  • 22 VAC 40-72-170, 180, and 290 - The TA 0638-7/12 has been changed to clarify that the criminal record report must be submitted prior to the beginning of services.  This TA relates to private duty persons who are not employees of a licensed home care organization.

DSS recommends that providers carefully review the changes and contact their licensing inspector with any questions.  VCAL members should be sure to make these changes in their “Survey Readiness Manual”.