Outcomes Reporting – Be Ready to Negotiate with a Hospital CFO

Clinical data is a powerful gold mine and should be maximized to its fullest potential.  This American Health Care Association (AHCA) webinar will give participants three strategic ways to unleash its power in their organizations. Through this webinar, attendees will learn about outcomes reports, how outcomes reporting can help users meet specific goals, and share best practices with the moderators. This webinar will feature two presenters:  Tanya Procell, RN and, Director of Clinical Services for Provider Professional Services, and Teresa Chase, President & CEO of American HealthTech. Join AHCA for this webinar on July 24 from 2pm-3pm EST.  Register today.

Learning Objectives:

1.  What are outcomes reports?
2.  What can outcomes reporting do for me in three strategic ways?
       a. Re-hospitalization prevention: attacking and measuring success
       b. Corporate Compliance: reporting for requirements in 2012-13
       c. QAPI: preparing for upcoming regulations
       d. Marketing: creating a 'sales pitch' to win census from hospitals
       e. Benchmarking: comparing facilities and replicating best practices
3.  Get concrete ideas from Tanya Procell who will share her best practices.