Need Fresh Ideas to Keep Your Residents Engaged? AHCA Publications Can Help

The American Health Care Association (AHCA) just lowered its prices on the new Creative Mind Play Collections!  Activity staff will love the fun, games, and ideas that help excite the brains of young and old alike with an engaging assortment of trivia quizzes, exercises in creativity, word games, discussion topics, and more. You can print and use these materials anytime to stimulate memory, problem solving, creativity, humor, and relaxation.  Each CD-ROM contains 130 activities.

Creative Mind Play Collection 1: Keys to Brain Health
Creative Mind Play Collection 2: Adapting Activities for People with Dementia 
Creative Mind Play Collection 3: Great Games for Seniors 

Also check out these great products for more activity ideas:

The Big Book of Resident Activities has more than 100 activities and care plans for long term care residents and a Bonus CD-ROM included. 
Encouraging Resident Participation is a video that offers creative suggestions for maximizing resident participation in your activity program.
Movement and Music: Activities for Caregivers includes a workbook and DVD that provides step-by-step instructions for over 40 music and movement activities. 

Order online at or call 800.321.0343.