2012 Assisted Living Symposium Scheduled for July 17th in Richmond

Register today for the VCAL Assisted Living Symposium scheduled for July 17th at the Holiday Inn Koger Conference Center in Richmond.

VCAL’s Annual Assisted Living Symposium is designed to provide tools and resources for Virginia’s assisted living providers to focus on issues and trends affecting their profession.  This year’s program will engage attendees with a motivational experience to learn about “Emotional Intelligence” (EI). In a highly interactive and entertaining presentation, Doug and Polly White, with over 50 years of combined experience in corporate management, will introduce you to the basics of emotional intelligence and help you to assess your EI strengths.  
Explorers throughout history tell us that it’s impossible to know where we’re headed unless we know a little about where we came from and where we are today. Lynne Williams, who serves as the Director for the Division of Licensure in the Department of Social Services, will guide participants in a walk through three decades of assisted living in Virginia, to highlight where we have been, where we are today and where we’re going!   With an eye toward where assisted living services will take us over the next decade, attendees will gain insight into the journey of assisted living in Virginia traveling through the eras of Homes for Adults, Adult Care Residences and Assisted Living Facilities.
The day will also feature a trio of administrators who will share how they handle the everyday stresses in operating an assisted living facility.  Learn secrets from these seasoned pros for “surviving” in various roles as leader, mentor, mediator and supervisor as they travel on a journey to “become their own residents.”  
Next, we’ll move into another aspect of the future with a look into the emerging trends of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and the more effective utilization of Medical Directors in assisted living.  Learn about the successful implementation of technology into the day-to-day operations of The Terrace at Beth Sholom Village and hear firsthand how a facility increased the effectiveness, efficiency and safety of residents’ records with the introduction of EMRs in their facility.  Finally, conference attendees will gain new insights from Dr. Danny Felty, Medical Director, as he describes his perspective on the integration of Medical Directors into assisted living facility operations.   He will share his view of the importance of the Medical Director and the benefits provided to the residents and staff.

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