DSS Issues Revised Initial and Renewal ALF Licensure Applications

A memorandum from Lynne Williams, Department of Social Services (DSS) Director of the Division of Licensure, was issued to licensed assisted living facilities and adult day care centers on June 6th regarding revised initial and renewal applications for licensure.  Effective July 1, 2012, the Division of Licensing Programs will begin using revised Initial and Renewal Applications for Licensure.  Providers will be receiving information about training on the new applications that will be provided by the licensing offices prior to the July 1 implementation date.

Revisions to the applications were necessary in order to:

  • Comply with requirements of § 63.2-1702 of the Code of Virginia (Code) for investigating the applicant’s financial responsibility, character and reputation;

  • Incorporate requirements from the regulation, General Procedures and Information for Licensure (22VAC40-80); and

  • Have consistent requirements for applications across licensed programs.

Each applicant must also submit the additional information for application currently required by their licensure standards and the appropriate licensing fee.  The public website for each licensed program is being updated so that the forms for the new applications will be available by July 1.  

The Division of Licensing Programs will continue to accept the current versions of the Initial and Renewal Applications for Licensure through December 31, 2012, but applicants will be notified of the need to submit any additional items required by the revised Initial and Renewal Applications for Licensure in order for the application to be considered complete.

Providers are encouraged to contact their Licensing Inspector with any questions about the applications.