Trend Tracker is a Vital Tool for Challenging Times

In light of new changes in the long term care landscape and needing to be on top of your data, this is an excellent time to participate in the American Health Care Association’s (AHCA) informative, free webinar on LTC Trend Tracker (LTCTT).

LTCTT users can TRACK, ORGANIZE, IDENTIFY, BENCHMARK, EXAMINE and COMPARE facility data on multiple CASPER reports in minutes without the “data mania” or “data drama” that often ensues in facilities not using LTCTT. LTCTT is a free member service provided by AHCA.  Please click on the link to register for the webinar that best suits your needs:

These webinars are designed for the person that is not registered and wants to learn more about this free member service:

These webinars are designed for the registered user; we will review secrets of the system: