Top Deficiencies Cited in Virginia ALFs

At the Virginia Center for Assisted Living (VCAL) Committee meeting on May 3rd, Deborah Lloyd, Operations Consultant in the Virginia Department of Social Services’ (DSS) Division of Licensing Programs, presented an update on the top deficiencies cited for the period from January 2011 to January 2012 based on a total of 1327 inspections conducted by DSS inspectors.

  • Administration of medications and related provisions (MAR Documentation, including over-the-counter medications, and dietary supplements.)
  • Individualized service plans
  • Administration of medications and related provisions (All medications administered in accordance with physician’s or other prescriber's instructions and consistent with the standards of practice outlined in the current registered medication aide curriculum approved by the Virginia Board of Nursing.)
  • Staff records and health requirements
  • Maintenance of buildings and grounds
  • Physician’s or other prescriber's order
  • Physical examination and report
  • General requirements

In addition to the top deficiencies cited above, the following areas received a substantial number of citations and should be reviewed by facilities to determine their compliance with DSS regulations.

  • Sex offender screening
  • Uniform assessment instrument (UAI)
  • Plan for resident emergencies and practice exercise
  • Storage of medications
  • Emergency preparedness and response plan
  • Medication management plan and reference materials
  • Direct care staff training