ALFs: Tell Us About Your Quality Efforts - Take Two Short Surveys

The National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) is asking members to complete two online surveys: the Performance Measures Survey and the Employee Vacancy, Retention, and Turnover (VRT) Survey by downloading the excel file or pdf file

The goal of these surveys is to produce reports that convey to consumers and policymakers the assisted living profession’s commitment to delivering quality care to residents.

The Performance Measures Survey includes questions about how providers evaluate their quality of care and services in nine areas of operation. This year, NCAL’s Quality Committee added nine questions about workforce. Most of the questions require “yes” or “no” responses and should take participants just a few minutes to complete.

The VRT Survey focuses on one performance measure—staff retention. The VRT requires providers to insert numbers related to staff vacancies, retention, and turnover.

Data collection for these two surveys will close on Friday, May 4, 2012. Individual provider data submitted are confidential. The data will be used in aggregate form only, without any identifying information.

The surveys are located on NCAL’s website and only take a few minutes to complete.