Medical Malpractice Education Program March 29th

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More than 50% of deficiencies cited in Virginia facilities are related to falls and fractures, some leading to malpractice lawsuits.  This one-day program is designed to help providers understand how resident records, both electronic and conventional hand-written records, can be used in a courtroom trial as evidence and as effective tools to prove or disprove medical negligence to a jury. Attorneys Peterson and Olszewski with Hancock, Daniel, Johnson & Nagle will present important information on Virginia’s Medical Malpractice Act and on the accountability of facilities and staff who could be named as individuals in a negligence lawsuit. The program will include a “Mock Trial” presided over by The Honorable T.J. Markow, retired Judge of the Richmond Circuit Court.  Even when a staff member is not named as a defendant in a court case, the person can be subpoenaed for depositions and trial appearances. While no one anticipates a law suit, be prepared. This could happen to you or your facility!

This is a reminder that licensed administrators must complete their continuing education requirement by March 31st by attending NAB approved programs.  Register today for the Medical Malpractice – Court is Now in Session program approved for 5 NAB credits.