This is a reminder that February 1st is the deadline for employers to post the Summary of Occupational Safety & Health Administration Occupational Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses Summary Form 300A.  The form, reporting injuries and illnesses for calendar year 2013, must remain posted until April 30, 2014. Work-related injuries and illnesses that must be reported are those that occur in a work environment and result in one of the following conditions: a loss of consciousness, sick days, medical treatment beyond first aid, restricted work activities, a job transfer, and death. Other conditions that must be recorded are needle stick injuries or cuts from sharp objects as well as sprain and strain injuries to muscles joints and connective tissue according to the OSHA Form 300.  For a complete list of injuries and illnesses that need to be recorded, click here.  There are forms that can be completed by printing a blank form or forms can be filled out online. An employer must keep the OSHA’s log and summary for five years after the reported year. For example, 2012 must be retained through 2017.