DSS Documents on ALFs Now Available

The Department of Social Services (DSS) has provided us with several documents for VCAL members that will serve as resource tools for their operations. The first, the Division of Licensing Programs (DOLP) Directory, contains contact information for the DSS regional licensing offices, listing locations for each office and the areas served for information and assistance with licensing related inquiries. In addition, the DOLP Directory lists contact information for key personnel in the Division of Licensing Home Office.  

A second document, “Part VII Problem Solving Process,” is to be used to initiate discussion of licensing procedures or interpretation of standards or actions if the facility is unable to resolve the issue with the licensing representative.  The problem-solving steps are outlined in the document noting that the process must be initiated within fifteen days of the date of the action that is the basis of the request. The actions may include, but are not limited to, the issuance of a violation notice, inspection findings (e.g., a cited standard, description of evidence, assessed risk rating, etc.) inspection summary, the technical assistance and comments sections of the licensing inspection findings, or any concern pertaining to an inspection, which may also be a complaint investigation. VCAL members are encouraged to become familiar with the process in the event they opt to request a problem-solving discussion.