Register Now for Behavioral Health and Long Term Care Webinars

After months of planning, a series of live webinars will be available addressing behavioral health needs of the growing aging population.  These trainings, developed by the Geriatric Mental Health Partnership, Center for Excellence in Aging and the Virginia Commonwealth University’s (VCU) Department of Gerontology, are based on topics of major importance to long term care facilities.  This training series, generously funded through the Virginia Center on Aging Geriatric Training Education Initiative, will consist of one-hour slide presentations followed by Q&A sessions, all moderated by Dr. E. Ayn Welleford, Chair of VCU’s Department of Gerontology.  Individuals can now register for the webinars individually or for all three. There is no charge for the webinars.

  1. A flyer announcing the webinars contains specific information about each of the events scheduled from 1:30 - 2:30 pm as follows:
  2. Community Partnerships: Ethical and Communication Issues for LTC Facility/ Hospital Transitions and Effective Care Coordination (March 27, 2012);2.    Psychiatric Emergencies: A Practical Guide for LTC Facility Staff (April 18, 2012); and
  3. Pre-admission Screening of Older Adults with Cognitive Impairment: Considerations for Emergency Services Staff (May 17, 2012).

Additional information on this series, including panelist and moderator bios, learning objectives, materials and resources, and access to the free registration are available here. (Note that several VHCA members are presenters in these trainings.) All webinars will be recorded and posted for free access at this link.  Each page will also offer participants additional space to interact, submit comments and post additional questions. This training series should be extremely beneficial to long term care providers.  Please forward the flyer to staff and colleagues who might benefit from the webinars and encourage them to participate by registering.