Medical Malpractice Education Program Scheduled for March 29

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Not only are providers in Virginia confronted with unprecedented challenges to meet and exceed regulatory requirements and resident expectations in a challenging payment climate, they must also be ever aware of the potential liability associated with resident care and facility operations.  John E. Peterson, Jr., Esq. and Michael E. Olszewski, Esq., directors and medical malpractice attorneys in the law firm, Hancock, Daniel, Johnson & Nagle, P.C., (HDJN) will present a five-hour program centered on the Medical Malpractice Act in Virginia with a  “mock trial” related to an actual case of a resident fall resulting in injury and lawsuit. The program is designed to provide Virginia’s nursing facility providers with a heightened awareness of the importance of policies and procedures, accurate and complete documentation and regulatory compliance to minimize the risk of exposure to lawsuits.

According to VHCA’s SMART (Survey Management and Resource Tool) database, the third most frequently cited deficiency statewide in Virginia in 2011 was F323, Accident/Safety, related to falls & fractures. The deficiencies related to Accidents and Safety at F323 accounted for 50% of all “G” level citations last year.  Based on an actual case of a resident fall in a Virginia facility, Medical Malpractice – Court is Now in Session will feature a “mock trial” to enlighten participants with an understanding of what to expect in a courtroom.  Administrators, nursing staff and corporate managers will gain new knowledge about the importance of competent care, adequate documentation and proactive communication among health care providers.
Attorneys Peterson and Olszewski will demonstrate how resident records, both electronic and conventional hand-written records, can be used in a courtroom trial as evidence and utilized as effective tools to prove or disprove medical negligence to a jury. They will also discuss the personal accountability of all facility staff for being potentially named as individuals in a negligence lawsuit. Even when a staff member is not named as a defendant in a court case, the person can be subpoenaed for depositions and trial appearances!
The trial will be followed with a one-hour post-trial debriefing and risk management presentation when participants will be presented with basic steps to minimize medical malpractice exposure.  Attendees will have an opportunity to pose questions and to receive answers from the perspectives of two medical malpractice defense litigators and a prominent judge who has presided over literally thousands of trials. 
Don’t miss going inside the courtroom and being a “witness” to the courtroom drama of a mock trial based on an actual case litigated in Virginia.  Both the VHCA and HDJN are grateful to the Honorable T. J. “Ted” Markow, Retired Judge for the Circuit Court of the City of Richmond, who will preside over the mock trial.

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