Telemedicine and Long Term Care

Education Seminar

The Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Resource Center (MATRC) will hold its First Annual Summit March 15 - 16 in Charlottesville.  As a warm up for the March summit, attendees at next week’s VHCA/VCAL Winter Legislative Conference will receive an in-depth introduction to Telemedicine through a presentation by Karen Rheuban, MD and David Gordon.  Dr. Rheuban and Mr. Gordon lead University of Virginia’s Center for Telehealth.  Dr. Rheuban is a nationally recognized expert in telehealth and will share her energy and passion as she discusses possible implications for telemedicine applications in long term care.

The MATRC Summit will feature regional and national leaders in health policy and technology and should be of interest to long term care provider organizations that are preparing for the delivery of high-value, high-quality services in a new era that will focus on collaboration across the health care continuum. The mission of the MATRC is to provide technical support and other resources that advance telehealth within the Mid-Atlantic States, and to collaborate with the other federally funded Telehealth Resource Centers.  The goal of MATRC is to support efforts to enhance access to quality healthcare, health related education and research collaborations.  VHCA/VCAL members interested in attending the conference may get additional information and registration materials by visiting the MATRC website.