We Need Your Voice!

To echo the old quote that just showing up is a significant part of achieving success, we need all members to be in Richmond in two weeks to meet with legislators in person and to describe for them the real world consequences of trying to deliver high quality long term care services while Medicaid payment rates are facing a fifth consecutive year of cuts.  Your voice is critical!

You, your friends, your relatives, your staff, your residents and their family members all have the ability to vote.  The legislators you elect have a responsibility to listen to your questions, concerns and suggestions and take appropriate action when changes are warranted.  So show up and tell your state delegate and state senator that you care about every resident you serve and that the Commonwealth has a responsibility to provide adequate funding for the care provided to your Medicaid residents.

Sharing your own words and experiences are the most effective.  If you need a little help with facts and statistics, we’ve updated our briefing notes for your use.  The key points that we’re highlighting for legislators include:

  • Additional Medicaid cuts will leave providers with few options other than cutting jobs – a strategy that potentially will impact the quality of care you are able to provide as well as serving as a drag on Virginia’s economic recovery.
  • Across the board Medicaid cuts impact nursing facilities to a far greater degree as we serve a higher proportion of Medicaid beneficiaries than other provider categories.
  • Recent and proposed Medicare SNF payment reductions compromise the ability of nursing facilities to withstand additional Medicaid payment cuts and growing payment shortfalls.

Please don’t hesitate to contact VHCA and ask for assistance if you need help in reaching out to your legislators.