REMINDER: We Need Your Input on an Important Issue Impacting Your Residents

The Virginia Health Care Association is working with Dr. Patricia Bonwell, a Professor with Virginia Commonwealth University, and a task force formed by the Virginia Dental Association (VDA) to better understand the problems related to accessing dental services for residents of Virginia's long term care facilities. Specifically, the task force is focused on enhancing access to services and oral health among Medicaid beneficiaries in nursing facilities.

One key aspect of the work now underway is to quantify the degree to which nursing facilities utilize a provision within our Medicaid eligibility regulations that allow local Departments of Social Services to approve and make adjustments to a beneficiary's patient pay liability amount determination to cover the cost of products and services, including dental services, that are not covered under Virginia's Medicaid program. This provision should be familiar to facility personnel including social workers, billing staff and administrators. The adjustments to a Medicaid beneficiary's monthly patient pay liability are generally known as DMAS-225 adjustments.

Please take just a few minutes today to respond to several brief questions about your facility's use of the Medicaid patient pay adjustment provision in order to pay for non-covered dental services. Please forward this survey request to the staff member you feel is best able to respond to the questions. We ask that only one survey be submitted per facility. Please contact Hobart Harvey if you have questions related to the survey. Individual facility responses will not be shared or reported in any way that identifies the facility or the individual completing the survey.

We thank you in advance for your assistance with this important issue.  To begin the survey, please click hereWe ask that the survey be completed no later than 6:00 PM on Thursday, October 24th.