New Website Offers Training Videos on Oral Care for Residents with Dementia

A new website launched by the non-profit organization Oral Health America is now available as an oral care resource for long term care staff.  Tools include video training programs on providing daily oral care for nursing home residents with dementia.  The website, Tooth Wisdom: Health Resources for Older Adults, went live this week and includes sections addressed specifically to older adults, caregivers and health professionals.  The site offers two video training programs on oral care for those with dementia, one geared to registered nurses/licensed practical nurses and the other for CNAs. The website features state-by-state information on available dental care resources.  

In Virginia, in addition to VHCA’s efforts, the Virginia Dental Association, the Virginia Dental Hygienists’ Association and the Virginia Oral Health Coalition are all pursuing initiatives to enhance oral health for geriatric populations.