CMS Issues Clarification to State Agency Questions Related to Federal Government Shutdown

In last week’s CareConnection we included information described in a Memorandum to State Agency Directors (S&C 4-02-ALL) from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) outlining contingency plans for State Survey & Certification activities related to the Federal Government Shutdown.  The article identified functions that (a) are not affected by a shutdown, (b) are essential functions to be continued during the shutdown, and (c) other functions directly affected and not to be operational during a shutdown.  

As a follow-up to that Memorandum, the American Health Care Association has shared with state affiliates a document that CMS provided to State Survey Agencies in response to requests for clarification to details related to survey activities during the Federal Government Shutdown.  The document consists of a series of Q&As.  Although it does not answer all of the questions providers may have, it is a helpful document that we encourage members to read.